Moments In The Story

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Why the Moments are Important

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Great stories – in fact our own stories, are basically a series of moments that add up. Some moments are great and some moments are devastating. However, if we look at a good story, there is always some type of disappointment, and how that disappointment is overcome is what inspires us. I believe it takes many good and bad moments to make a story great. (Braveheart anyone??)

I was struck the other day by how each day is filled with so many choices for me to make. Take for instance my interactions with my son. I could have fifty patient responses toward him, and in one instance of frustration, blow up at him. We had a series of tough days recently and I’ve been feeling the regret of making some bad choices in responding harshly to him. I know my son feels loved by me, but I feel the weight of hurting him. Welcome to parenthood, right?

On the flip side, because there are so many loving responses I give him and so many good memories (or moments) I’m able to create with him, he seems to give me grace when I fail. About two seconds after I yelled the other day, he was trying to play with me by pretending to squirt me with a squirt gun. Talk about redirecting a bad interaction into something positive! I should learn from my three-year-old. I’m learning that the conflicts in life and in our relationships also contribute to how great those relationships are. When you overcome things with someone, it draws you closer to them. When you go the long haul and experience a period of years with a spouse you look back and realize there are a lot of highs and lows that got you to the place you are at now….together.

I think it’s important to realize that the moments creating our story are going to be a mixture of good and bad. But overall, our story makes us better and better. And each day we have new opportunities to make choices that will contribute to that story. So I’m now convincing myself to stop stressing over my parenting mistakes and just keep trying to make good choices. Those good choices will add up to a good story…and a bad choice here and there will never destroy my story!

© Kristin Gordley and Moments In The Story, June 2012.


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