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Taking time to appreciate the journey….

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I just read for the second time a book by Donald Miller – A Million Miles In A Thousand Years.

I already have a passion for stories – I seem to see them all the time. I see things in my friends, family members, and in me. I believe there is a great story we are a part of, and we each live out small stories in our everyday lives. I loved this book because it has put words to my interest in the concept of story and why it is important.

The author’s study of how to make a movie –  based on his life –  forces him to look at what makes a story truly great. The writers of his movie had to create more dramatic moments to make his life interesting…which gets him thinking about how he could actually make his life more meaningful…and in turn live out a better story. He begins to create new adventures for himself and through that process realizes that the stories he lives get better as he gives more and more of himself to others. He experiences the highs and lows of life but finds a way to see them as important pieces that make his story one of a life transformed for the better. I highly recommend reading this book! I got so much out of it both times.

I have been thinking about starting a blog for a long time. It’s mostly for me to write about what I’m learning and what is important to me, and hopefully it will be an encouragement to anyone else who is interested!

I will be sharing more specifics about what I’m learning about living good stories…how this is a choice and a way of life that does not always come naturally. I have made many mistakes in the past which have cost me. That must be why I love good stories, I love being inspired by people who choose them. I want to choose them.

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